Invasive Weed Control

Invasive weeds have become a major problem in recent years and new regulations are now enforce to govern the control of many of these species. The damage caused by the rhizomes of these weeds can have devastating effects and it is paramount they are controlled and irradiated in a professional manner as required by law.

Our Service

R & D Spray Services can provide a full advisory service on all aspects of invasive weeds through to the treatment and eradication. We have the capability to treat small individual plants through to large infestations. In sensitive areas where accuracy is paramount R & D Spray services can use stem injection to control individual plants.

Common invasive species we treat:

  • Japanese Knotweed | Fast growing and rhizomes can seriously damage infrastructure.
  • Giant Hogweed | Extremely invasive and when touched the sap causes serious burns.
  • Ragwort | Poisonous to grazing stock and humans.
  • Himalayan Balsam | Spreads very fast by seed dispersion inhibiting biodiversity.

Other species classified as invasive: Buddleia, Rhododendron and Mares Tail.

R & D Spray Services currently carry out a programmed approach to control invasive weeds for many Scottish Local Authorities.