Brine Application & Snow Clearance

Local authorities are requiring more effective measures to prevent dangerous road and pavement conditions. Using salt brine, which is any liquid salt mixture, before anticipated snowfall was discovered to be more effective than using solid rock salt.

Brines have the same melting characteristics of solid rock salt, but since it is applied in liquid form, the salt can begin to work immediately. The brines are also more effective in lower temperatures.

Using salt brine proves not only to be more effective on roads and pavements, but it is also cost effective. It takes four times less salt to prevent ice accumulation than to remove ice after it has formed. It also minimises damage to floors caused by salt granules carried indoors by pedestrians.

Our Service

R & D Amenity Services can supply brine as a 23% solution. We can supply brine spraying equipment from walk behind to tractor mounted to suit customers needs. We can also adapt equipment to accommodate customers existing machinery.

R & D Amenity Services deliver the brine in 1000l refillable IBC alleviating manual handling,  waste packaging and keeping costs to a minimum.

Our main service areas include:

  • Industrial estates
  • Supermarket carparks
  • Paths and roads
  • Schools